Recorded: Adelphia, Fitzroy, mid 2002.

More time was spent on this one, though with diminishing returns. It was the middle of winter, and we were in a huge room with only a heater in one corner. That convinced us never to record in winter again. Plenty of cheap Indian food from Guru Da Dhaba though. That to-do list of Felix’s on the cover still cracks me up: “Fitness. Publicity. Call Tortoni. Youth allowance.” Fetches a surprising amount on eBay these days. I’d stick with Live at Adelphia, personally.

Gear: 3/4 Czech ply flatback upright bass. Fishman BP-100 -> SWR SM-400 direct out. The SM-400 was a funny amp. It got really hot, but there was no fan to cool it down. Basically the whole thing was a heatsink. You could fry eggs on that thing after a few hours of playing.