Recorded: Sing Sing North, Nut Farm, Metropolis, Andy’s house, December 2002 to June 2003.

This was the album. We worked our arses off for months on this one. Without a real final budget or deadline in mind, and it being funded by all of our gigs (and loans from some of our parents), we were allowed to really work on it until it was finished.

Gear: Fender P-Bass Lyte with GHS flatwounds, Czech plywood flatback 3/4 double bass. Both basses recorded direct, and also through a Line 6 Bass POD set to the “Sub Dub” model. But Andy did a lot of work afterwards. I remember it going through some outboard at at least one studio, and through a few plugins (Amplitude and Sansamp at least).

Released: late 2003, Virgin/EMI Australia.