Recorded: Egrem, Havana, Cuba, November 2004.

So we tackled difficult-second-album-syndrome by going to Cuba. None of us could really say no once the idea of Cuba came up. So we found Jerry Boys and he came over to Cuba (he’s done that a lot) to record us. Food poisoning, blackouts, cheap rum, etc ensued. But, good times overall.

Gear: 3/4 Czech ply flatback upright bass, Fishman BP-100 pickup, Fishman Platinum Bass pre-amp. Fender Precision Highway One with La Bella flatwounds. The P-bass was recorded direct through some tube DI Jerry brought over that looked like a camping stove, and another line from a Sansamp Bass Driver DI. For the bass solo break in the Car Song I remember getting Jumps to turn up the gain knob on the Sansamp just for those four bars during the take. I also used a Trace Elliot 4×10” combo amp, mainly so I could hear myself play. Trace seems like a weird choice looking back, but it was for reliability’s sake. I remember at our preliminary getting-to-know-you sessions at Jerry’s studio in London that I played through an Ampeg B-15. One of the tubes blew out, and it stopped working, so I plugged in the Trace, which was also there. I told myself, “Taking an ancient tube amp to Cuba might be a terrible idea, odds are it will stop working at some point,” so we took the Trace instead.