Recorded: Sing Sing North, late 2005 by Adam Rhodes. Released: 2006.

I don’t really count this as an album. That’s why we put the word “project” on the cover. It will all become clear if we ever do another “project”. Until then, remain slightly confused when we talk about how many albums we’ve released. I can remember thinking at the time (and saying out loud) that this stuff shouldn’t have been released. These things happen.

This was the music we recorded for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Why would we record music that we were going to play at the opening ceremony? Miming, of course. I think enough time has passed that we are allowed to say that out loud now. But what the hell…all our heroes mimed on Countdown in the ’70s! It was pretty fun, really, trying to guess what you played in the studio months ago. It’s a good test of how well you know your own playing.

Gear: 3/4 Czech ply flatback upright bass, Fishman BP-100, Fishman Platinum Bass pre-amp. Fender Precision Highway One, through a Sansamp Bass Driver DI. I also got my hands on this utterly ridiculous Hondo double-neck 8+4 string Longhorn copy while we were recording Cities. For the record, Novak Conrad is entirely responsible for convincing me to buy it. It made it onto a few tracks, mainly to replace a few parts I’d already played because I thought they would sound better on an 8-string. (it turns out that every riff sounds better on an 8-string!) From memory, that was played through a Fender Bassman ’59 reissue.