Recorded: Sing Sing North, early 2007

Gear: Fender Highway One Precision with La Bella flatwounds. I also had a ’75 Precision that I was really excited about, but every time I tried to use it the producer John Porter said, “Plug that blue one back in!” I also played the Steinberger on The Darkness.

Not much upright on this album, but I used my David Gage Czech Ease travelling bass, mainly because it was a lot nicer to play than my old 3/4 Czech. I was also pleasantly surprised at the Czech Ease’s sound when miked up. From memory we used the Fishman BP-100 direct, and also had some sort of dynamic mic wrapped in foam and shoved under the bridge. That’s the sound on Fishies.

(behind-the-scenes exclusive: Fishies is a loop. I couldn’t play that riff for very long. I can now, but at the time…nahh, we made a loop.)

Looking back (in 2019)…after this recording I put some roundwounds on my bass, and that is the last time I changed my strings. I’ll be upset when one of them finally breaks.