Recorded: Jan’s house & Sing Sing, 2007-2008. Released: 2008. Bass on tracks 1-7, 9 and 10 Bass and guitar (verse riff) on iTunes-only “Bernadette”

Gear: Fender Precision Highway One, ’75 Precision, Steinberger.

The guitar I played on Bernadette was Phrase’s dad’s Fender Tele. I think it was from around ’56 or so. Yikes! I played everything through the Sansamp Bass Driver DI (including the guitar!) and whatever pre-amp Jan was using at the time. A fair bit of effects, but not as nuts as the last album. Just a bit of overdrive (turning up the Sansamp), and some chorus and delay for the baritone-y bits in the verse of Devil in Me. Waiting for the Heavens was probably the most fun, Will and I got to record that live. The same goes for Take Me Back. That one’s terrifying to listen to, the bass is so high in the mix, you can hear absolutely everything I’m doing. Yikes. It feels like you’re naked in public or something. Dammit, that bass needs to put some clothes on! Having said that, I remember pulling my snow jacket’s sleeve over my left hand when I played Looking So Hard, to make the sustain of the notes duller and shorter but let the pick sound still cut through – I guess that’s an effect.

It’s on Spotify.