Recorded: Earth, 2000-2009 Released: 2009.

Gear: Everything I’ve ever used, as this is a compilation of a lot of live stuff. For the songs recorded on that tour, I was using the David Gage Czech Ease upright, Velvet Garbo strings (which unfortunately makes the slides in Fishies impossible), Fishman Platinum Bass pre-amp. On the electric side of things it was the Fender Precision Highway One (I just couldn’t find anything that sounds better!) with some very old La Bella roundwounds (which are still in service as of 2015 and much older now), possibly with a direct line from an Ashly SC-40 pre-amp. I had some effects at the time too: EHX Pulsar tremelo, Maxon AD-999 analog delay, Digitech Whammy, Sansamp Bass Driver DI for overdrive. Both basses went into my amp at the time (two Acme Low-B2 boxes powered by a whole lot of QSC power amp), miked up with probably an SM57 or Beta 57.