Luke Howard, Leonard Grigoryan, Ben Edgar, Ross Irwin, Ryan Monro, Daniel Farrugia Recorded: Sing Sing North, June 11-12, 2009 Released: April 2010. Bass on tracks 1-5, 9-12.

Man, this was a fun recording. We started off playing some Lanois tunes at Luke’s house, then booked in some studio time. By the time I got home, Luke and Lenny had emailed everybody demos of a bunch more songs. I wrote another one later that night. Working fast! We all played as though we were leaving room for vocals (which were recorded on a few tracks), but over the next few months we all realised how well it worked without vocals. If we had aimed for it to be instrumental from the get-go, would it have turned out so well? Who knows.

Available here.

Gear: ’64 Precision bass with La Bella flat wounds (tuned to drop D for a few tunes) into two lines: Universal Audio Solo valve DI, and Sansamp Bass Driver DI.