Recorded: Sing Sing North, February/March 2010 Released: June 2010.

This was an album we did with Steven Schram, and it was a lot of fun. He wanted to make something that sounded nothing like what usually happens at Sing Sing, and I think that’s what he got. He got some amazing drum and bass sounds.

Gear wise, the Höfner that lives at the studio got a fair bit of use. That was great, because I’d never really played one before, but it was a bit demoralising that I brought all of my own basses into the studio, and they weren’t as good! All Hell, Feeling’s Gone, Only Light, Waiting and On My Way were the Hofner through my Fender Bassman Ten. The amp was in the small dead room up the back, except for the song Waiting where it was out blasting in the main room on its own, making everything in the room rattle.

One of the basses I brought in was my Steinberger, and Steve was horrified. So it was pretty satisfying when he heard it from the control room and said “Whatever that bass is, use it on this song.” He couldn’t see me from where he was sitting. That was for the song Shoulders, and it’s the Steinberger through the Bassman Ten. I used an Epiphone Jack Casady on Reasonably Fine, my ’64 Precision on Call Me Home and Cannibal. My Highway One Precision was played very loudly through the Bassman Ten on Beyond All, and through my Alembic/QSC live rig into a Bergantino NV412 (which I had just bought and was quite excited about) on Falling.