Recorded: Bakehouse North, early 2008

Bass on tracks 4 and 8.

If there are right reasons for recording songs or starting a band, this was most definitely done for them. Jarrad called me up and said he wanted me to come down and play bass on some songs he had written, which confused me because he’s a bass player, but he said he wanted to play some guitar and just oversee the whole thing. There was no mention of eagles or worms at that stage, he just had some new songs and wanted to put them down and hang out and make some sandwiches. Like I said: the right reasons. So it was Nick Vorrath on guitar (playing through a G-DEC!) and Craig Shanahan on drums, pretty much the Custom Kings but with me on bass for some reason. It was great, we set up in a circle with everybody and all the amps and everything in one room. You would think, based on what happens at a lot of studios, that putting everybody in one room was a bad idea. But it came up great, and also we played a lot more naturally because we were all just in one room: the natural habitat for musicians trying to play music together.

Gear: I’m pretty sure I just turned up with my bass (Highway One Precision).