Recorded: January 2010, Sing Sing.

Bass on everything except track 10.

This came together pretty quickly. Having not heard any of the songs before (aside from a few that were nearly TCE songs) it was just a matter of Ross putting a chart on the music stand, and then you have a few takes to make it sound good. It’s challenging, there’s lots of room for “happy accidents”, and a high probability of something musical coming out the other end because you haven’t had too much time to rehearse and overthink it. It really is just your musical survival instincts at work. My favourite way to record, really. Something else that doesn’t happen very often: some of the vocals are the ones that actually happened during the full-band take. Serious guitar slingin’ by Ben Edgar on the last track.

Gear: Fender Precision Highway One into two lines: Universal Audio Solo DI, and Sansamp Bass Driver DI.

Here are some live versions from around the same time: