Recorded: various houses/studios that Jan lived/worked in between 2009 and 2011. Released: September 2011. Bass on tracks 1 and 3. Guitar (the one doubling the bass line) on track 1.

Gear: Fender Precision Highway One, Sansamp Bass Driver DI. The guitar was Jan’s old Fender Mustang, from some time in the ’70s.

Sadly, these tracks didn’t become part of a third Jackson Jackson album. For one reason or another (don’t ask me, I have no idea), that third album never happened. But we did play these songs live a few times. I remember the process while recording Simplify was: “Ryan and Ollie, take turns coming up with the hardest riff possible and see if the other guy can play it.” Ollie won. And it’s the verse riff. And it’s impossible.

Sacrifice posed an interesting challenge too as a bass player: I insisted that I was going to play the bass line, but there was no easy way to do it. The pattern is 32 notes long, so that disqualifies a lot of gear already. The two ways that worked (in 2011) were:

  1. two chained TR-606 patterns triggering an SH-101 and just hope everyone can hear you well enough to stay in time, and you’ll have to change 606 patterns for the triplets bit.
  2. a Nord Modular G2 patch that does everything, including a hi-hat pattern for the drummer to keep in time with on headphones…but it doesn’t sound as good as the 101

For years, I judged synthesizers on whether or not I could play Sacrifice on them.

Finally now available on Spotify. Funny story about that: I was the only person who could find a copy of the CD (I put it in my shelf, moved house in 2013, and the CD was still in the shelf where I expected to find it), without which these songs might not have made it to Spotify.