(For overseas readers: we have this thing called Australian Rules Football. It’s really big. Greater Western Sydney Giants were a new team in 2012. Their song gets played when they run on, and again later on if they win. Musically, this song only really makes sense in relation to other AFL club songs.)

It’s hard for new teams entering the league. They need a club song right from the word go. What sort of song should they use? Something new and slick, not like those daggy Fable Singers recordings from 1972 that all the other teams use? That sounds like a great idea. Let’s be the only team with a non-daggy club song. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work. Not only will a song that sounds really modern now sound very dated in ten years, but the fans are unlikely to accept anything too different from the old club songs. It just doesn’t sound like footy. So modern is a bad idea: it needs to be a bit more timeless. So what’s the answer?

Harry’s answer was to write and record something that sounds like one of the old club songs. If it already sounds dated, its datedness probably won’t increase, and at least it’s the same sort of datedness that the fans are used to. Harry did a few things differently though: it’s in a minor key, and it’s original (ie. not based on a pre-existing melody, like most of the other clubs’ songs). I got to play bass on it. A whole lot of fun, especially when making decisions like “which key should it be in so anyone can sing it?”. I did a fair bit of research trying to find out who played on the Fable Singers stuff. I didn’t get an answer. It was all on Fable Records, and I guess they had some sort of house band. If you know who played bass on the old footy songs, please let me know.

Recorded: Sound Park, Northcote, 9 January 2011

Gear: “Daphne” Fender Precision into a Sansamp. Also overdubbed double bass (c.1880 German 3/4 flatback) without use of the dreaded bass direct method. I’m pretty sure they’re both in the mix.

Other personnel: Gideon Preiss (p), Jesse Lubitz (gtr), Will Hull-Brown (d), Harry Angus (tpt), Kieran Conrau (tb), Steven Schram (eng)

Read the team’s press release here.