Recorded: Steve Grant’s house, mid 2010.

Released: 6 June 2012. Available at Bandcamp or on iTunes.

Gear: Fender Precision Highway One, Fender Bassman Ten.

Kelsey’s tunes are awesome. She’s one of those people who just naturally writes in a big web of complex time signatures. The kind of songs that are kind of hard to learn, but totally make sense once you hear the whole piece with the lyrics. This brings back fond memories of sitting on the hydronically-heated slab in Steve’s living room. It’s probably the most bass I’ve played while sitting cross-legged, but sitting on that slab was the best place to be on a cold day with all the doors open.

It’s a funny story about how I started playing with this band too. I saw Kelsey and Tim (Coghill - drummer) play at the Empress in North Fitzroy around 2008, and was pretty blown away. It was just piano and drums and vocals, and I found myself sitting there thinking, “Man, I want to play with these guys. I know exactly what I’d do if I was on this gig. I think it would sound great. But I can’t just walk up and say ‘You need a bass player. You need me.’ I’d look like exactly the kind of dickhead I don’t want to look like.” So I forgot about it. Then I happened to meet them both separately and a few months later I was rehearsing with them. Thanks, universe. Unfortunately, this The Secret-esque technique didn’t work when I went and saw Bon Jovi.