This happened because Kelsey did the music for this, and one thing led to another and one of those things led all the way to Sesame St. It’s not every day somebody calls you and says, “I’m writing music for Sesame St, would you like to play on it? Can you do it as soon as possible? And we need to record it somewhere. Where should we record it? Also, there’s no budget.” But that’s what happened some time in early 2013. It made me think, “Wow, is this what happens behind the scenes on every single thing you see on Sesame St?” Possibly. But it was great to be involved. There’s been so much great music on Sesame St over the years, I was just stoked to know my bass playing was going to be part of it – and accompanying a Rube Goldberg machine, no less. And it’s always good playing with Kelsey and Tim Coghill. Here’s how the two segments turned out.