Recorded: The Lach Inn, February 2012

Released: March 19, 2013

Engineer: Lachlan Wooden

Gear: Fender Precision bass -> Hiwatt Custom 100 -> Ampeg 1×15”

We had a blast doing this one. It doesn’t sound much like our first album, but it sounds like what happens if we set up our gear in a room and start jamming. There was no DI involved, just a mic on the bass cab. That was out of necessity – with only eight channels you can’t afford to use up two on the bass – but it was also a refreshing way to record, people hardly ever just use a mic. You can hear plenty of amp-shitting-itself distortion too, which is the best kind of distortion.

Musically, I think we’re fortunate that Ollie managed to write a whole album worth of tunes in a very short period of time. Sure, if we’d had no material whatsoever we still could have made an album. But the tunes Ollie wrote perfectly suited the stripped-back straight-to-tape Hammond trio vibe we were going for.

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