In 2013 I played in the house band for two TV shows. I was stoked: if they both went ahead it would be like having a real job, but one where I just play bass all the time! One of them sadly didn’t make it past the pilot stage (but lives on on YouTube), and the other was TV show called Studio at the Memo, hosted by Tim Rogers and showcasing cabaret and burlesque from the seedy underbelly of St Kilda and beyond. It was a killer band: Lance Ferguson, Sam Cope, Graeme Pogson, Ella Thompson, Kylie Auldist, Phil Noy and Dan Beasy. And of course, we also did a few songs with Tim. Playing that Al Green-esque cover of Heavy Heart with THE Tim Rogers…well it’s safe to say that if 15 year-old Triple J listener Ryan Monro knew he had that to look forward to down the track, he would’ve freaked out. It was a hard gig - playing on TV is high pressure enough as it is, but we had a lot of stuff to learn too, with such a range of different singers. But it was great fun in the end. There’s a pretty good run-down of the lineup here, and the performances are also available on Spotify.

The War of the Worlds introduction narrated by Tex Perkins segueing into Baker St segueing into Need You Tonight with Tim Rogers on vocals, behind all-male “burlesque with balls” circus troupe BRIEFS. It’s a fun one to describe in one sentence: