Recorded way back in September 2011, it was exciting to be involved in national treasure Ella Hooper’s first solo album. It’s pretty hard to find any evidence online or inside the album sleeve but I assure you that Will and I are on these tracks:

  1. Low High
  2. Haxan
  3. Everything Was a Sign
  4. Dead Stars
  5. Love is Hard to Kill

I remember taking quite a bit of stuff and all my pedals in for this one. I played my Highway One P-bass on Dead Stars, Haxan and Everything Was a Sign (through my Hiwatt/Ampeg rig), the studio’s Höfner through an octave pedal for Low High, and the studio’s Minimoog on Love is Hard to Kill. I took my SH-101 in too, but it wasn’t quite as right for the track as the Moog.

Hear it on Spotify.