I played on the first two tracks. Lonely Truth is one we did years ago, about a year after Felix’s first album. It’s great that it’s finally seen the light of day; Felix liked it so much he named the EP after it. I hear it is just a rough mix from during the recording, as the multitrack was actually lost. Crocodiles is from Felix’s second album, which should be out soon I hope. It’s hard to remember which bass I used on Lonely Truth, but I can piece it together: I used my ‘64 Precision on Magnolia, and wanted to try something a bit different on Into the Rain, so used my Highway One. Then when we started Lonely Truth I’m pretty sure I superstitiously took in exactly the same gear because Felix’s first album had turned out so well. So I guess it’s the Highway One paralleled into a Sansamp and an Avalon DI. Crocodiles is my old upright that I’ve had since high school, but it’s now got an ebony fingerboard and sounds much zingier. As you can probably hear. It was miked up in the “cupboard”, the tiny dead drum room up the back of the Neve Room at Sing Sing. That’s also where we did the bass for Fishies, long ago.

It’s on Spotify.