Another track from the Danny Ross album sessions. I’m pretty proud of the bass line on this one. I remember using a delay pedal (the Moog one – I shouldn’t have sold that because they skyrocketed in price shortly after), and Jan said we would be better off using a plugin instead, so the delay was exactly in time. Strangely, with the delay exactly in time, it didn’t sound as good. Hardware – and not-being-in-time – wins again. The middle section of the song involved some pedal tap-dancing: turn off the delay, turn off the octave (Boss OC-2), turn on the fuzz (Z-Fex Mastotron), turn on the filter (Moog MF-101), start sweeping with the expression pedal (MP-201, I think), then when it goes back to the verse do the opposite as quickly as you can in time for the first note. The bass stays out of the way in that section except for one snarl. I think we did the effects live, but it was a long time ago. I also can’t remember if, after all that, we used the delay pedal or the plugin. But that’s all bass-nerd-nitty-gritty, the important thing is it’s a great song.

Have a listen here.