Alt-country. Is that like Control-Alt-Country? Does that restart your country? It does really; I always thought Alt Country was country where the people involved are aware of the existence of the Beatles, but it’s more a case of Alt Country sounding how actual Country used to sound. And what does modern actual Country sound like? I’ll let you decide.

I hadn’t really played a country session before, but honestly, that didn’t feel like a problem. People overthink genres. It doesn’t matter what style I’m playing, I’m pretty much aiming for the same thing. Do something that works with the drums, and the melody, and the chords. Don’t attract unnecessary attention: you’re the bass player, this is not about you. Don’t get in the way of the song: that’s why we’re here. This was a great session at Woodstock (I hadn’t been there since demos for the second Cat Empire album, I think) with Paul Ruske producing, Richard Stolz engineering, Leigh Fischer on drums, and Ben Edgar and Rob Muiños on guitar (though they weren’t there on the day).

It was nominated for Alternative Country Album of the Year at the Golden Guitar awards the following year. Highly deserved, I think, it turned out great.

It’s available on Spotify.