I knew Griff from years ago: he was assistant engineer on the Cat Empire’s album Cinema. After my collabs with Eastward, Griff and Eastward started collaborating, and Eastward suggested I might be a good choice for playing bass. I was going for Justin Meldal-Johnsen going for Herbie Flowers. I didn’t realise until months later (seeing the credits on Bandcamp) that Selwyn was on drums too. It turned out great, I think. I’m credited as Yikesdoor because that’s the name I went by on the Eastward thing, but I guess because I was just playing bass it would have made more sense to just use my real name. As I said in the Eastward post, if Yikesdoor releases any music this will make a lot more sense.

This reminds me: I can record bass anywhere. I’m pretty sure I did this backstage with an Apogee One and a Sansamp and headphones. If you want me to play bass on something, get in touch!

It’s available on Bandcamp.