I’ve known Eden for years, and he invited me over a few times to make some tracks in early 2016. He also convinced me to open for him playing a solo gig, but that’s another story. I’m credited as Yikesdoor, a name I was trying to make some music under at the time. If Yikesdoor ever releases anything, this will make a whole lot more sense. Here are the tracks I played on:


“Play a bass solo!” So I did. Eden gave me a few more prompts (“get away from the tonic”, etc) and I eventually played what you hear. That bass solo wound up becoming the melody. Bass solo as songwriting. This is not the first time in history this has happened; I hear Hikky Burr started as Carol Kaye just pretty much playing a bass solo, and then they added a horn arrangment around it. Cool.

Advanced Virgo Detector

This one started with Eden programming some stuff while I noodled around on bass with a huge pedal board. My board is always evolving so it’s hard to say what I used, but I can hear this was around the time I discovered “overdrive before AND after the filter”. The before-drive is there so the filter has some harmonics to work with. The after-drive distorts the resonant peaks of the filter, which I think is Lesson One of making things sound like the Prodigy. Anyway, Eden sent me a bounce of the track and luckily this was also during my “own too many drum machines” phase, so I programmed some more drums. I’m not kidding. I had more drum machines than basses. I used my TR-808 and LinnDrum. I couldn’t sync the LinnDrum to anything, so had to trigger it from the trigger outs on the 808, but that works fine. I recorded those through the don’t-tell-anyone-on-Gearslutz Mackie Onyx mixer I had at the time. But it sounds fine. If it sounds good, it is good. Mind you, it probably helps that Steven Schram mixed this stuff. As a matter of fact, I think he’s where I picked up the phrase “If it sounds good, it is good.”

Have a listen on Bandcamp.