This is the album Delta Goodrem released around the time the Olivia Newton John biopic aired on Australian TV. I wrote a post about the recording of that here. I didn’t have to get off the couch for this to happen, but I guess I can put Delta on my CV now. I played on everything except that one extra song recorded with Olivia for the album. I’m not sure who did that.


Over two years later I had another listen and thought, “Hey, that doesn’t quite sound like me, I wouldn’t have picked every note in You’re The One That I Want like that,” and I started to have doubts that it was me on this album. Hopelessly Devoted had some note lengths that I would never play, and it was different enough that I thought mixing/mastering couldn’t have made me sound like that, so I had some more doubts. Then in Anyone Who Had a Heart I heard a few notes that were definitely played on a five string, and I only played four stringers on the session, so I decided to get to the bottom of it. The album credits on Discogs show that most of the bass was replayed by Chris Chaney in LA, where things like this happen. Why did they do this, you might ask? I have no idea. I guess this isn’t a “telemovie soundtrack”, it’s a Delta Goodrem album. So to achieve that, one would book a producer that Delta usually works with (John Shanks), and that producer would do whatever is necessary to get it to sound the way they like things to sound. Like re-playing things. A lot of things went through my mind when I found out about this:

  • OMG, Chris Chaney, awesome!
  • I’m so glad my “that doesn’t sound like something I’d do” instincts were right – I’m glad I know my own playing that well. Chris Chaney sounds great but the way he does it is not how I’d do it.
  • this happens a lot, I probably shouldn’t take this personally
  • when this happens, you might not even find out unless you read the credits on the album…no wonder so many album credits are disputed
  • they replaced some of the other instruments too, so it’s not just me
  • at least some of our playing made it
  • at least it’s definitely us on the TV show
  • I’ve gotta get my hands on a copy of the TV version…

So, to sum up, it’s me on tracks 8, 9 and 12.

It’s available on Spotify.