Remixing your own band. It could be read as the ultimate disgruntled control freak move: “If I had my way, it would sound like THIS.” But that’s not quite what happened. A Dropbox of the album stems started getting passed around with the idea of “if anyone feels like doing a remix, go for it!” Straight away, I said, “I’ll give Echoes a go.” I already knew how I wanted it to sound: like the dub version on the B-side of a hypothetical Echoes 45rpm single. And I knew how to do it: take the block of marble that was the album version of the song, and chip away everything that wasn’t the version I wanted to hear. Remix by elimination. Reduced by Ryan Monro.

I wish I could say I used nothing but real analogue hardware and did some Lee Scratch Perry-esque things like blowing ganja smoke across the tape heads during mixing and burying the tapes in the backyard for a month and putting a duck on the console and muting whichever channel he shat on first, but the truth is I did the whole thing on my laptop, in Ableton, using the effects that come with Ableton. I intended to replace the effects with “the real thing” further down the track but I soon found that I couldn’t get the real thing to sound as good as the fake thing, because I’d gotten so used to how the fake thing sounded. So I learned two things: the fake thing is pretty good in 2019, and if you think you want to use the real thing, do that first. In the end, only one bit of real Space Echo made it into the track. I’ll be impressed if you can pick which one it is.