This is a band that’s only played together over the internet: Simon Burke, Shane Reilly, Daniel Farrugia and myself. Simon and I had talked about finding a drummer to form a trio with for years, and Danny was one of the first to come to mind for me, it seemed like the three of us would be a great fit. But it took a pandemic for us to actually do something about it. We realised we all had home studios and a lot of spare time, so we decided to start recording some covers. After finishing End of the World, Simon suggested sending it to Shane Reilly for some lap steel parts. We never really discussed whether he was permanently in the band or not, I think we all silently agreed that it sounded like absolute magic and we should keep going in the same vein. Hopefully we’ll play in the same room one day.

I recorded my parts for these tracks at home with the same setup: a ‘62 Precision with La Bella flatwounds into a Universal Audio LA-610mkii. Drums recorded by Danny. Keys and acoustic guitar recorded by Simon. Lap steel recorded by Shane. Mixed and mastered by Simon.

Here’s our output so far, also available on Spotify.