As I was a big fan of Daniel’s first album, I was pretty excited to get asked to be involved in the sequel. I was especially glad to be asked during COVID lockdown, as it gave me something to work on! Danny gives his collaborators a lot of freedom: he sent me the drum tracks and said to play whatever I liked. I’d been listening to the Paris Texas soundtrack a fair bit, so I imagined I was on the side of the road in the desert, got out my Fender Bass VI (a six string bass but not in a ’90s fusion sort of way – it’s more like a Fender Jaguar tuned down an octave: think Wichita Lineman, Let it Be, Disintegration…) and played what I heard. There’s an SH-101 playing the sweeps at the start and the ostinato in the middle. I recorded it all through my “guitar-ish” pedalboard (tremelo, chorus, delay, reverb) and into an LA-610.