I have been working as a full-stack developer since 2017 and also work on my own projects ‘in the shed’ as my curiosity and enthusiasm dictates. Here are some recent projects I have worked on:

  • Connect 42

    Musical random game of Connect Four
  • Wolf2D

    2D browser version of Wolfenstein 3D
  • Dream Sequencer

    An impractical sequencer that will play a note once a year if you want.
  • Hit Machine

    Song idea generator with random chord progressions
  • Montuno Bot

    Random Cat Empire song generator
  • Quickbass 1.0

    Text-mode, keyboard-driven, mobile-never drum machine for the browser
  • Randomsheet

    Random restaurant article generator
  • Instagram Data Download JSON Tool

    Rejoins downloaded Instagram photos with their date/times
  • 1194online.com

    Online recreation of the iconic talking clock telephone service
  • Goldwatch 2.0

    Tracks and tweets songs played by radio station Gold 104
  • Bloomish

    Based on Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers's iconic app Bloom
  • Collision

    Random physics/music inspired by tone row composition
  • Mondrian Sequencer

    Music sequencer inspired by Piet Mondrian
  • GA Projects

    Projects from my time studying at General Assembly
  • Seinfill

    The lorem ipsum generator about nothing
  • Goldwatch

    Tracks and tweets songs played by radio station Gold 104